International Market Business Developer


1. Participating in formulating company's international market goal, marketing strategy and planning, customer maintenance service and future brand development.

2. Working with operation and technical teams to improve international market information gathering and disposal mechanism, data analysis, and giving feedback to the companys headquarters.

3. Know about the industry's situation, integrate resource expansion business and supporting in realization of company's revenue goal.

4. Organizing company's business operation activities in the international market according to the market situation and formulating promotion scheme(online+ofline).

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, marketing, public relations and other related professional backgrounds.

2. Have more than two years of experience in Fintech industry.

3. Have sensitive market insight and observation ability and good ability to analyze the situation.

4. Good at market management or public relations, strong communication ability.comprehensive abilities, and good at English speaking.

5. Strong anti-pressure ability and adaptability.

Apply positions by sending your resume to uqpay@uqpay.com