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Leading one-stop global open payment service provider

Our Values

Continuous Learning, Self-motivation, Open Collaboration, and Innovative Spirit!

Our Story

From the origins of bartering to the advent of electronic accounts, payment systems have been an integral part of human civilization's exchange infrastructure.

The progression from primitive pearl shells to sophisticated credit money has served as a value-driven economic engine that has propelled humanity forward.

As the cornerstone of large-scale collaboration and societal scalability, the evolution of payment systems has been characterized by globalization and openness.

However, constrained within national and technological boundaries, their inherent nature also tends to lean towards localization and closed systems.

Enter UQpay, a fintech company powered by innovative technology at its core. Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology to reconstruct the global payment service infrastructure, fundamentally resolving the conflict between openness and closed systems while achieving a seamless fusion of globalization and localization.

Embracing the Payment-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, UQpay constructs cloud-native, frictionless, low-entry, customizable, and elastic composable payment service components. This approach enables the creation of a one-stop, global open payment platform featuring full-scene applications with single-point access, omni-channel acceptance with elastic customization, end-to-end connectivity with seamless interaction.

UQpay is firmly committed to developing innovative and open payment technologies, building unified and aggregated payment connections, and crafting user-friendly payment experiences. Our goal is to serve as the dedicated remote payment team for buninesses. By adhering to the principles and practices of next-generation open payment platform services, we extensively and deeply connect with major international card scheme, regional banks, and local payment institutions. In doing so, UQpay empowers businesses with low-cost, built-in payment data feedback brain, and end-to-end value chain penetration in payment transactions, continuously fueling and driving the growth of the business intelligence ecosystem.