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UQPAY HOLDINGS was founded in 2015,with its Chinese headquarter in Hangzhou,international headquarters in Singapore,and subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Canada,etc. UQPAY is an international payment technology enterprise with technological innovation as its core driver, focusing on providing merchants with one-stop global payment solutions based on full-scene applications, multi-channel acceptance and end-to-end connectivity.

UQPAY platform is based on the next-generation converged payment system architecture and is dedicated to solving the connection problem between multiple merchant scenarios and discrete payment channels to achieve one-stop global payment acceptance across scenarios, channels and borders. By integrating payment, reconciliation, data and marketing modules, the platform's end-to-end service architecture enables merchants to achieve extensive integration of payment, unified processing of reconciliation, intelligent aggregation of data and agile customization of marketing through a single point of access, thus significantly shortening the access cycle, improving financial efficiency, gaining data insight and driving marketing growth.

UQPAY always insists on empowering business with payment technology innovation, building the driving force of payment to business and the closed-loop capability of payment to transaction with payment technology as the core, and building an open platform infrastructure for merchants to connect global bank card network and localized payment channels, so as to realize unified payment, integrated payment and open payment.