About Us

Unifying Seamless, Secure Global Payments

Founded in 2017, UQPay is a dynamic payment solution provider headquartered in Singapore and subsidiaries across Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Malaysia and Indonesia. UQPay is licensed by MAS as a Major Payment Institution under the Payment Services Act 2019 to conduct Account Issuance, Domestic and Cross-Border Money Transfer, Merchant Acquisition and E-Money Issuance services.

UQPay is a SWIFT member and directly connected to major card schemes such as Visa, Unionpay international and more. UQPay is committed to providing a one-stop integrated payment service with single-point access for full-scenario applications, flexible custom multi-channel payments and seamless end-to-end connectivity.

We bridge the gap between traditional, siloed payment systems and the borderless transactions businesses need today. Our cloud-based platform, powered by cutting-edge technology, is fully compliant with global regulations, empowering businesses with:

  • Seamless integration: Say goodbye to clunky, limited payment system. UQPay offers complete flexibility and seamless modular integration.

  • One-stop platform: Manage all your international payments from a single, intuitive interface.

  • Accepted Worldwide: Accept payments from anywhere, on any device, effortlessly.

  • Unparalleled security: Your money and data are our top priorities. UQPay employs bank-grade high-strength encryption and cutting-edge fraud detection to ensure every transaction is safe and secure.

Mission statement

Our mission is to simplify and secure the world of digital payments. We strive to eliminate the complexities traditionally associated with financial transactions, making them more accessible, reliable, and user-friendly. By offering fully compliance, innovative, integrated payment solutions, we empower entrepreneurs and companies to focus on what they do best – growing their business and exploring new market opportunities.

Vision Statement

UQPAY envisions a world where financial borders are no longer barriers to business growth and success. We aim to be at the forefront of the global payment ecosystem, continuously innovating and adapting to meet the evolving needs of the market. Our goal is to be more than just a payment provider; we seek to be a key enabler of global business connectivity and success.