UQPAY Introduction

UQPAY is a financial technology enterprise focused on the development of next-generation converged payment technology, providing a secure and convenient global payment solution for the merchants and developers by relying on leading technical barriers and strong innovation ability and is committed to become a leading one-stop global payment service provider.
UQPAY was established in 2015. Its international head office is situated in Singapore, having branches in Hangzhou, HongKong and Cyprus, etc. With international organizational architecture and operation system, it has international team comprised of senior talents in e-payment industry and technical experts in financial technology industry. UQPAY has passed through the certifications of a series of authoritative institutions through long-term development of payment technology, including “PCI-DSS Certification” which is the most stringent payment system certification in the world universally formulated by the mainstream international card association, “Technical Certification of Non-Financial Institutions Payment Business Facilities” of the third party payment business access certification designated by PBOC, and many certifications including “VERISIGNSSL Official Certification” and “GeoTrust,Inc Certification” formulated by international data security institution. Meanwhile, it is also the technical service provider of UnionPay, WeChat Payment and Alipay.
UQPAY always adhere to the payment scene as the access and payment security as the boundary for payment solution. The international leading distributed cloud service architecture and security protection system is used for the payment security to provide extreme payment experience and strong security guarantee for each payment transaction. It not only can help the merchants rapidly integrate the payment methods of all channels and payment application of all scenes in the front end through simple payment SDK but also provides secure and stable distributed data cloud service in the back end so that the merchants can have rapid access to the globalized payment network without professional technical staffs. Meanwhile, the capital and information flow can be efficiently synergetic to better focus on commercial activities. Thus, making the payment become more simple, convenient and friendly.
UQPAY adopts the concept of encapsulated difference and the essence of unified payment to build a global payment network, which forms a cross-client, cross-channel, cross-currency and cross-language converged payment system. Through rich unified payment SDK and diversified interactive interface, it outputs strong converged payment resolution ability to the merchants and developers so that the cross-border merchants and scattered payment can be integrated at both end of cloud and client to realize end-to-end integration of global payment and whole-course service. In the future, UQPAY will work hard to make innovation in payment technology and application and extend the value of payment for transaction. By making payment as the closed-loop infrastructure of transaction, it not only could serve the transaction but also could break through the transaction boundary and extend the transaction scenes to create value for commerce.