UQPAY-SDK is a combination of client and server SDK that provides international business developers with a whole set of Omni channel connecting service for UQPAY. It contains improved paying behaviour interface such as payment receiving, payment sending, refund and query, reducing developers’ coding amount in clients and server and allowing the terminal to connect with multiple channels through unified sdk.


1. The server sdk provides all kinds of main stream server languages, PHP, Java, Node,js, Python, Ruby and C#.


2. The client sdk provides different mainstream versions including computer web, mobile WAP, native apps of ios and android and HTML 5 application.

server sdk

3. The server sdk and client sdk both support Omni channel.


UQPAY-CHECKOUT is one-step cashier service for international business based on clients, applicable to computer web, mobile WAP, h5 app of ios andn android, allowing for simple and fast connection to payment.


1.HTML 5 cashier support PC and mobiles at the same time.


2.By connecting to just one-line codes, it reduces developer’s amount of work to the minimum.


3.One click of cashier payment and page fast and easy.


4.Cashier page can be customized with cloud configuration of page pattern, combining the payment page with business application.


5.Omni channel and any sequence of channel can be set on the cloud.


6.Intelligently change language panel according to ip and geological location.


UQPAY-POS is a unified payment app provide by UQPAY for international business that combines mobile scanning, suitable for face-to-face payment in offline shops. It can be installed on smart phones, PAD or smart pos and turns mobile terminal to mobile POS that can receive payment anytime and anywhere.


1.Mobile APP supports Android, IOS and smart pos.

code cloud

2.No need for coding and available once payment channel is settled on the cloud.


3.Accessible in different situations of stores and cashiers.


4.Compatible with spontaneous and negative scanning on both WeChat and AliPay.


UQPAY-DCC is the real-time transfer technology of dynamic exchange rate provided by UQPAY to business clients. It will exchange the incoming non-RMB orders to RMB orders to pay in accordance with background exchange rate, so as to offer international clients service of ordering in any currency.


1.Connect with interface of standard international foreign currency market data, which is stable and accurate.


2.Transfer to target currency according to configuration nature of the currency in payment channel, and able to define multiple exchange rate.


3.Business clients do not need to develop dynamic exchange rate system or maintain pricing of multiple currencies as price of one currency can be sold to the entire world. UQPAY-DCC will allow your priced currency for real-time exchange after arriving in payment channel.