Alipay is the most widely used third-party online payments service provider in China, with over 100 million daily transactions and over 450 million active users. Its primary product is a digital wallet, Alipay Wallet, which also includes a mobile app that allows customers to conduct transactions directly from their mobile devices.

Alipay is a must-have method for any business looking to reach a critical mass of Chinese shoppers both home and abroad. It is available in 70 markets and has already been adopted by over 80,000 retail stores worldwide.

Benefits include:
1: Access to over 450 million registered users.
2: A solution with the most advanced encryption technology for secure transactions.
3: A frictionless experience that utilizes standard and one-click payments.


Wechat Payment is rapidly becoming a keystone payment method for businesses wanting to reach Chinese shoppers, both home and abroad. Originally a messaging app.

WeChat has evolved into an ecosystem that allows Chinese shoppers to chat, browse, and make payments, all in one place - making shopping as easy as chatting to your friends.

Benefits include:
1: Access to over 700 million monthly active users, 400 million users linked wechat with credit card.
2: Frictionless payments with minimal steps.
3: Promote your product going through a social communication tool.


Internet-banking Payment

UQPAY Internet-banking Payment means the method that the cardholder inputs payment information and complete payment in terms of requirements of Internet-banking interface after issuing payment request on the premise that he/she opens up Internet-banking payment function.Internet-banking payment is the most mature and safe payment application in current China payment field, the first choice of online payment for netizens, and one of the indispensable functions for E-commerce enterprises to provide online trading services.

Benefits include:
1: Wide range of payment banks:
Internet-banking payment can support Unionpay cards payment for more than 30 domestic banks, and the acceptance scope basically covers all state owned commercial banks, national joint-stock commercial banks, partial regional banks and foreign banks.

2: Realization of debit and credit separation:
Internet-banking payment can realize separation of debit and credit in terms of payment access way which will isolate high-risk credit card payment industry andguarantee payment security.

3: Realization of big amount payment:
Internet-banking payment can realize big amount payment equal to Internet-banking transferring and solve big amount payment problem whichmakes it applicable to bulk trade field.

4:Efficient and low-cost access to banks:
Internet-banking payment reduces cost of system development and maintenance for merchants, the there is no need for merchants to access with every bank or invest any network hardware and human cost, they can just realize receipt and payment easily online.

5: Integrate without need to develop:
Internet-banking payment integrates with banks closely, builds a secure channel from users to banks, and improves user’s trust on website. Clear payment approach and stable payment background will guarantee stability of transactions.

Mobile-banking Payment

UQPAY Mobile-banking Payment is one kind of brand new payment concept base of mobile OTP; it is both convenient and efficient, represents future development tendency of consumption, and shows itself with characteristics of express and mobilization.

Mobile-banking Payment procedures are as followings: there is no need for users to open up Internet- banking access and bring Token and U-key with them when purchase, you just provide information including bank card No., name and mobile phone No., the payment can be completed once user inputs right mobile No. and OTP, which makes payment to be anytime and anywhere.

Benefits include:
1: Realization of payment cross terminals, platforms and browsers
Mobile-banking Payment can support PCs, mobile phones, telephones, tablet PCs, televisions and other terminals; IE, chrome, firefox, opera, safari and other browsers; Windows, Macintosh, Iphone, Android and other systems; which realize IN-APP payment in mobile phone client terminal.

2: Convenient payment procedure
Mobile-banking Payment is convenient to operate, only bank information, ID information and mobile phones can you realize payment, no Token and U-key needed.

3: Simplified payment process
No vast page jumps in Mobile-banking Payment which reduces the ability to be phished.

4: High payment success rate
The payment success rate of Mobile-banking Payment reaches up to more than 99%.



UnionPay is the fastest-growing major card scheme globally and the second largest card scheme globally in terms of transaction value. It is widely used by Chinese shoppers internationally as well as domestically.

Benefits include:
1: Acceptance in more than 125 markets.
2: More than 4.2 billion cards in circulation.
3: Access to Chinese shoppers at home and abroad.


Payout method of UQPAY enables business to pay local banks directly through UQPAY account and quickly wire capitals in batch to several designated bank accounts. Pay to parties include companies and individuals, realizing capital settlement between companies, and between company and individuals. The payment receiving banks basically cover all in mainland China and are available in cash withdrawal for membership, payment for labour cost, distributing red envelops, sales commission and payment from suppliers.

Benefits include:
1: Comprehensive support for banks
Payout can support almost all banks in Mainland China.

2: Fast transference
single transaction under 50,000CNY will be transferred into account in 7*24 hours via Payout and real-time transfer above 50,000CNY can be done between 9am to 17pm during working days.

3: Easy operation
Payout supports single operation and batch operation, which can be done by uploading payment datasheet in specific format at one time.

4: Auto API support
business client can connect UQPAY system via Auto Api to realize automatic Payout.