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Internet-banking Payment

mobile banking

Mobile-banking Payment




UQPAY-SDK is a combination of client and server SDK that provides international business developers with a whole set of Omni channel connecting service for UQPAY. It contains improved paying behaviour interface such as payment receiving, payment sending, refund and query, reducing developers’ coding amount in clients and server and allowing the terminal to connect with multiple channels through unified sdk.



UQPAY-CHECKOUT is one-step cashier service for international business based on clients, applicable to computer web,mobile WAP, h5 app of iOS and android, allowing for simple and fast connection to payment.



UQPAY-POS is a unified payment app provide by UQPAY for international business that combines mobile scanning, suitable for face-to-face payment in offline shops. It can be installed on smart phones, PAD or smart pos and turns mobile terminal to mobile POS that can receive payment anytime and anywhere.



UQPAY-DCC is the real-time transfer technology of dynamic exchange rate provided by UQPAY to business clients. It will exchange the incoming non-RMB orders to RMB orders to pay in accordance with background exchange rate, so as to offer international clients service of ordering in any currency.



website cross border

Website cross-border payment

Provide API and SDK of payment that’s based on WEB application, so that the merchants can switch to website cashier with merely one key, and customize the pattern of the cashier.

app cross border

In-app cross-border payment

Provide API and SDK of payment that’s based on WEB application, so that the merchants can switch to website cashier with merely one key.

store cross border

In-store cross-border payment

Provide diversified in-store bill collection terminal APPs, including WINDOWS desktop APP, and intellectual POS, Android APP and iOS APP.


About Us

Brief introduction:

UQPAY International is a branch that’s affiliated to UQPAY, and it is specialized on the international market. With the overseas headquarters in Singapore, UQPAY International, which relies on the local Chinese Products and technology of UQPAY,and deeply integrates with local Banks, Union Pay, AliPay and WechatPay, has been specialized on providing international merchants with one-stop solutions of local payments collection + cross-border settlement in the connection with Chinese buyers.

Nowadays, China has become the largest e-commerce market in the world, which ranks the first with its annual amount of e-commerce transaction and the total number of net citizens. Meanwhile, it is also the largest consumer of outbound tourism in the world. In the face of over 500 million cross-border consumers in China, over 90% international merchants don’t even support Chinese local payment, which signifies that the majority of Chinese buyers cannot enjoy the convenient and fast payment experience with international e-commerce websites or outbound shopping. This is a pain spot that urgently needs to be solved. UQPAY International was established with the mission of devoting itself to solving the pain spot that’s related to the globalized consumption of the Chinese people, and making it possible for them to purchase around the globe with their own payment methods.

In the future, UQPAY International will adhere to the professional, advanced and innovative philosophy of operation, and keep a foothold in China while looking at the whole world. Under the trend of globalized consumption and escalated consumption structure of the Chinese people, UQPAY International will commit itself to stretching the scene of China local payments to the whole world, so that Chinese buyers can march towards the world and global sellers can be brought into China. UQPAY International has been unswervingly developing itself into the most professional provider of Chinese cross-border payment service.